I'm located close to the state border (Buffer Zone)

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If your device locates you inside of a wider area that overlaps the state's line, you won't be able to pass the geolocation check. When it comes to the locations near the boundary, it is crucial to confirm the player's coordinates as precisely as possible. Every state's border is strictly determined by the regulations, and playing outside of the state is illegal.

There are two methods that you can use to pass the geolocation check in such case:
- Move further from the border inside the state;
- Improve the geolocation accuracy for the data we get from your device.

It is more simple with mobile devices because they can use GPS data while being in direct line of sight with satellites. Try to be as close to the windows or play outside to get the most accurate data. Android devices have more geolocation capabilities, so they are preferred above the others. We recommend turning on "High Accuracy Mode" on your Android device for a better experience.

Checking the Wi-Fi access points around you can also help. The more wireless networks your device can detect, the better. You do not have to connect to Wi-Fi; just enable it and find the spot where the list of available networks is longer.

Once we confirm you are located in the permitted state, the app will let you enjoy playing!

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