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The app crashed when I tried to open it. How do I fix it?


Please uninstall the app and ensure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the app.


I can not geolocate with the app. What should I do?


1. Please ensure that you are located in the state where it's allowed to access the website you visit.
2. Check that you don't have a VPN application running in the background.
3. Clear cache by opening browser settings -> Clear Browsing Data.
4. Delete the GeoGuard Location Validator and restart the device.
5. Re-install GeoGuard Location Validator and give all necessary permissions.
6. Open the browser and try to access the website once again.
7. If the issue persists, try using a different browser.


How can I use the app if I cannot open it several times in a row?


Please uninstall the app and ensure you’ve downloaded the latest version of the app.


Is there a video tutorial on GLV configuration for Android?


Yes, there is! You can find the video instructions here.


Why can I not geolocate with an app when I turn OFF 'Notifications' on the app?


For Android 8 and higher, it is required to allow the notification for the app to make it work properly.


Which option should I choose on the 'Allow Location' popup message when installing the app?


For Android 10, please use the 'Allow all the time' option. For Android versions lower than 10, please choose the 'Allow' option:


Why can't I use the app when I choose 'While using the app' location permission in the app?


Due to the Android OS policy, the App requires the 'Allow all the time' option to complete the geolocation process while the app is in the background.


How can I turn on 'Notifications' for the app?


Open Settings > Notifications > GeoGuard Location Validator, then switch the notifications on.

Can I play while my device is in 'Battery Saver Mode'?


No, you can’t. In the 'Battery Saver Mode', the GeoGuard Location Validator app is restricted on internet and location access. So the location verification process can not be completed.


The website asks to open the app repeatedly. What should I do?
  • Change to another network (Wifi or 3G) and try again.
  • Reinstall the GeoGuard Location Validator app.
I cannot geolocate with the GeoGuard Location Validator app. How can I continue to play?


If you’ve tried the above instructions and still cannot geolocate, you can download TrueLocation Browser; it may help resolve the error.

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